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The JXUL Project Description


Thank you for your interest in the jXul project. On this page we will layout the structure of the project and the steps you can take to help us achieve our goals.


The goals of the project exist on a continuum from easily achievable to extremely ambitious. I will present this scale below; however, understand that the goals of the project will expand as more people pitch in.
  1. XUL-based GUI resources.
  2. XUL Applications runnable from the Java Platform
  3. XUL Applications debuggable from the Java Platform
  4. XUL Applet User Interfaces downloaded from the same location as the applet.
  5. Easy XUL generation from JSP and Servlets.
  6. Subset of XUL implemented for the KVM.


The organization of project is iterative in nature. Inside each iteration, the iteration will be divided both horizontally and vertically. The project is divided horizontally into layers. This is discussed on the architecture pages. The project is divided vertically into the following standard development process modalities:

How to Help

There are many ways you can help this project!
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